Friends of the Leaf

We love our 420-friendly sponsors and partners that don’t hate and always appreciate!
We highly recommend checking them out for yourself!

This is our partner for custom rolling trays. They do a great job with the fulfillment of many of our rolling tray items here on Dankzilla! You can get them right here on our site. Add your own photos, text, and make it dank! Then you can always roll up in style.

Whatever Skateboards

This is our favorite Skateboard brand. You can design your own custom skateboards on their website, and put your favorite weed leafs or other dank designs and they will make it just for you!  Really chill, smart guys in San Diego with really quality boards.  We’re surprised they’re custom, but that makes them even more awesome because you can put weed leaf or other weed designs on the boards and they’re cool with it!

Star People Society

This is one of the dopest websites for UFO enthusiasts to check out UFO footage and some pretty dope merch. We are in the works of doing a collaboration with SPS so stay tuned!

If you haven’t seen their site yet get ready to have your mind blown on a universal scale!

The Potparazzi

The Potparazzi photo documents the cannabis scene in and around LA, San Diego, and other places that are dank enough to have a legal Cannabis scene.   

They also do events and photo shoots with influencers with stylish dank photography on-location or at scouted locations or in studio.  We collaborate and join these fine ladies whenever we can and it’s always a dank time.