We appreciate 420 friendly businesses that don’t hate and always appreciate!
We highly recommend the following upstanding businesses:

Kaneh Co

IF edibles is what you’re into, Kaneh Co Cannabis Edibles are probably the best we’ve had. They are gourmet level treats that will surprise you with both how good they are taste-wise, and high-wise. Learn more about this amazing quality level on their website!


Whatever Skateboards

This is our favorite Skateboard brand. You can design your own custom skateboards on their website, and put your favorite weed leafs or other dank designs and they will make it just for you!  Really chill, smart guys in San Diego with really quality boards.  We’re surprised they’re custom, but that makes them even more awesome because you can put weed leaf or other weed designs on the boards and they’re cool with it!


Concrete Wave Magazine

This is our favorite OG skate magazine. They have articles with every type of skateboarding, vids, reviews, forums, and just tons of good ol’ skateboarding without the frills and commercial BS. It’s also super cheap to subscribe to the mag, which is dope, shoutout to Michael Brooke and the team at Concrete Wave Magazine.