About Dankzilla

About Us

Dankzilla was founded on the love for all things dank and 420 friendly.  Our mission is to provide customers with awesome custom weed accessories ranging from custom rolling trays, butane torches, lighters, grinders, weed jars, etc.  Express your creativity and individuality with custom smoking accessories to take your toke session to the next level.

Morgan Fweedman Dankzilla Weed Leaf Rolling Tray

Dankzilla Believes the Freedom of Creativity Enables Individuality

Dankzilla has a catalog of custom weed clothing and accessories that you can design yourself right on our website.  This is important because weed culture has been adopted by a wide variety of people from all types of places and backgrounds.  We want to embrace individuality as much as possible, and personalization is if nothing else, the literal personification of individuality and expression on many items that people don’t even realize can be special like that.  Self expression in any personal form is another level of communication, and opens you up to communicate the weed culture’s underlying positive messages of peace, love, unity, and fun by not being afraid to express yourself and your love Man’s Best Plant.

We Want More Than Glass

From ancient tribes sharing peace pipes, to people hanging out with modern glass technologies that blow your mind, it’s a shame that more of that experience can’t be a part of more things in our lives, whether that be your t shirt, your grinder, or anything else.  Well, hopefully with this website now it can be more a part of more things, and remind us not to take life too seriously, but to stop and smell the flowers more often so that we can all enjoy life that much more.  You can go to your local smoke shop and find a lot of the same typical stuff, and that’s great and all, but we want things personalized.  We want quality without having to think twice.  We want stuff that makes your friends get a laugh, or start a conversation, put a smile on someone’s face, or even just a subtle nod tells you know someone else gets it that brings you that much closer together.  You’d be surprised how fun it can be to personalize things and express yourself a little bit, and how fun it is to see people’s reactions.  This is the beauty of the point where art meets your social life in unexpected and awesome ways.

Do We Sell Weed?  Nope. 

We don’t sell weed on this site or in our office, sorry.  Hopefully they legalize federally one day, and then we’ll be able to.  But, until then, at least we’re lucky now that weed has been legalized for recreational use and prohibition is ending, it is getting easier and easier to just see people walking down the street with weed.  We’re sure you’ll find some, and if you’re in the Pacific Beach, La Jolla, or Mission Beach area and need a medical marijuana delivery service, there are a variety of delivery services that you can find on WeedMaps that carry great brands like Chateau Cannabis™ Flower or Kaneh Co™ edibles, for example.  If not, you can check directories like Weedmaps and see what’s around in your area.



We <3 So Cal

We’re based in San Diego, California.  Southern California is amazing for so many reasons, but it has always been a large part of the weed culture movement from the surf culture and beach-lifestyle side of things, something that we love and enjoy on a daily basis by living here.  Much of it trickled down from San Francisco from the 60s and mixed with Hollywood and surf culture and on and on, but something about Southern California’s surf, skate, and beach culture transformed that progressive Nor Cal weed movement that was often politically charged into more of a laid back sunny-day version of loving weed, music, the sun, sports, and living life to the max, beyond .  This has inspired us from long before we founded Dankzilla, and continues to impress us the way America’s Finest City embraces this mentality.  We’re hoping that we can only add to the strength of this lifestyle and message.


We <3 Lifestyle

You don’t even have to like weed to appreciate this lifestyle, and it’s no shock that groups from anyone like The Beach Boys to Sublime to Snoop Dogg to Bob Marley were loved by people all over the world for embodying those exact type of vibes thru music, like we want to do through apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products.  Here at our office, you can bet we encourage loving your life and your job, and do our best to make it so by using our own products to make things a just little more fun around the office.  OK a lot more fun.  I’m not sure that goes over well in other parts of the country, having lived in other places and seen how tight ass it can be.  But, here we seem to be welcomed with open arms and praised for being what people want and hope Cali to be like.  And for that, we thank you, California.



Do You Have a Request For Something New?

We love coming up with new stuff.  If there is a weed related accessory or product you would like us to carry, or invent, or personalize, or anything like that – PLEASE EMAIL US and tell us what you think!  We’d love to try something new.  Who knows, maybe it will be our new favorite thing 🙂  It wouldn’t be the first time a customer has made something we love!

Thanks for stopping by Dankzilla, and please, have a dank-ass-day! 🙂

Stay Dank.