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Custom Personalized Rolling Tray (Mini Stinger)

This product is currently out of stock. The Mini "Stinger" is our on-the-go rolling tray that gives you the ability to throw it in a backpack and take it with you. This tray helps keep you much more organized with your smoking accessories giving you the ability to keep everything on 1 tray. It is a lightweight tray but will not break because it is 1 piece. All of our trays are MADE IN THE USA. Customize your Mini "Stinger"!  Turn this tray into your own custom rolling tray with your own personal image on the rolling surface. Includes: * Laminated rolling surface * 2 oz. air tight glass jar * 2 oz. tin-bin (use as an ash tray, trash for your stems, etc.) * Stainless steel grinder card & plastic gathering card Lighter & rolling papers not included. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!! Notes: * Materials are FDA compliant * Materials are non-toxic
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