Weed Smokin' Team

Is it your dream or ours? Both mothafucka!

Yo, welcome to the Weed Smokin Team page.
Our dream is to sponsor people to live the dankest 420 lifestyle…
And so it begins.

Get Sponsored to Live and Rep 420 Lifestyle (aka Smoke Weed)

The team is being assembled as we speak.  This is a limited time window while seats last.


  • Positive and chill attitude and good vibes
  • 21+ Years Old Only
  • Weed Smoking by LEGAL means.  (honor system 😉
  • Instagram account with at least 1 post with a @dankzilla.official shoutout
  • Posts on your IG of you and/or your friends smoking weed in good taste semi-recently (within the last few months at least)
  • Be high but not too high that you can’t pass the 1st-grade level math problem in the contact form on this page
  • Be human or alien (please, no bots or animals)

Sponsorship Application

10 + 7 =